Factories and workshops can really draw advantages by switching from normal lighting to LED. One of my business customers, a large lorry repair shop, had a visit from the authorities about general safety in the firm. One of the points was insufficient light in the workshops. After changing all the old fluorescent tubes to LED tubes, that problem was solved, and both the authorities and the staff are very satisfied with the result. It has, of course, cost a bit of money, but in the long run it pays off.


Very often a huge swarm of tube fixtures with one or two tubes and old inductive chokes are hanging from the ceiling in such places. These are hungry for energy, since much of the electricity consumption is transformed into heat. The “normal” tubes also lose app. half of their efficiency after the first year, which means that they should be changed every one or two years. LED tubes do not lose power in the same way. Only in their last days (after 50.000 hours, the producers are promising) will they go down a bit. These tubes will typically need replacement after 10-11 years, and this will save the cost of tubes and labour to change them.


Outdoors LED flood lights can replace energy-consuming halogen flood lights, which normally have a lifetime around 2.000 hours. An alternative is waterproof tube fixtures.


Change of tubes goes like this:

The choke is removed or disconnected and 230V is connected directly to the base in one end. The base at the other end is just for keeping the tube in place.

The tubes are clearly marked at the end receiving power. This type is called ”one-end input” and is the common type today.

Earlier tubes for direct replacement in existing fixtures were on sale, but it has shown that the choke, even if it was not drawing energy, was used as passage. So the day the choke would fail, you would have to rebuild the fixture anyway. Today the producers has left this technology.


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