Within our four walls most of the lighting can be changed to LED.

All it takes is a bit of new thinking. Some of the LED bulbs may not have the same shape as the old ones, which also gave a very warm light at 2700 KELVIN (Abb. K hereafter). Most of the warm white bulbs today are 3000K, although more and more are becoming available in 2700K. Hereby they will loose a few lumens, though.

What is Kelvin, then? It is a measure of the colour of the light, where 2700K is warm white with many red rays, and f. ex. 6000K is pure white light, which is equivalent to sunlight at noon.

Here is a picture of the scale:


The 3 light colours, which my products can be delivered in, are 3000K (warm white), 4000K (neutral white) and 6000K (pure white). Some also in 5000K.

3000K is used in lamps in the living room, spotlights etc. 4000K is used as working light, f. ex. in the kitchen. In the workshop 4000K or 6000K. The latter gives a bit more lumens per Watt. Outdoors 4000K or 6000K can be of use.


LUMEN is the light flow (or power, if you like). Earlier we were used to Watt to determine the power of a bulb, now we will have to get used to lumens stated on the packing.


In my own home I have (of course) changed all lighting to LED, which really can be seen on the electricity bill. Before I used to have 178 Watt of fluorecent tubes under the hanging cupboards in my kitchen, but today using light bars I have the same light from 64 Watt. All ceiling spots have been changed from 20 or 35 Watt halogen to 4 and 5 Watt LED. In the workshop the tubes are now LED tubes, which are consuming less than half of "normal" tubes.


Outdoors flood lights with IP65 classification are used. 24V light bars can also be used, as long as the adapter is kept dry.


Other advantages (apart from the low energy consumption, of course) are the long lifetime (the producers are promising 50.000 hours), the fact that they are lighting with full power immediately and that they do not loose power on the way. Only shortly before they "die", you can notice a slight loss of power.


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