This a website about LED lighting. I will tell something about, what LED is and how the existing lights to a great advantage can be changed to LED, whether light bulbs, fluorecent tubes, flood lights or other forms of lighting, indoors as well as outdoors.


The site is split into categories with suitable LED lighting for your home, business and hobby.


TERRAJOVA I/S is owned and run by me, Vagn Palm Hansen. I was born in 1946 and so have become a pensioner.

I am one of those types, who cannot sit still, and as I found out, that my pension because of 21 years abroad was heavily cut, something had to happen.


In the beginning it was about import and sale to friends and acquaintances within the aquarium and terrarium circles, but it was quickly evident that it had to be done the legal way, and therefore I registered TERRAJOVA I/S in September 2011.

The name comes from TERRA (for terrarium), JO for Jonna (my wife) and VA for Vagn (me).














Telephones are normally open (English spoken, of course), or you can send an Email to order, or if you have questions about LED.


REMEMBER: No questions are too silly!


TERRAJOVA has no traditional webstore with basket and so, as it is my filosofy to have contact with customers before trading anything; either by telephone, email or in person, as a lot of misunderstandings and sending backwards and forwards can be avoided in this way. The only winner of this would be the postal service!


Telephone numbers, email address etc. is found on the page Contact in the menu left.


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