17th of August 2015

The new price list for loose T5 tubes has been critisized for being not easy to understand. This went mainly on the electric connection.

Therefore a version 2.0, which hopefully is better to understand, been published.

In addition a text in red has been added at the bottom.


10th of August 2015

After a few technical difficulties you can now find price lists for 4 new products: Corn lamps, 24V light bars IP67 type "Grow" and T5 and T8 with rotatable ends.


8th of July 2015

It is now possible to deliver two new products, which for a long time have been asked for by customers in the aquarium scene.

1. T5 LED-tubes can now be delivered with rotatable ends.

2.The same is for T8.

Price lists will soon appear here on the website. Until then you are welcome to contact me for more information.

19th of April 2015

This is from today TERRAJOVA´s new Homepage in completely new look and hopefully easier to navigate than the old one, since it is now divided into segments for customers´ different interests.

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