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Waterproof bases for T8 LED tubes.

Waterproof bases for T8 LED tubes.

These are similar to those fitted in most aquarium light hubs.

The problem with the existing bases is that the slits for fitting the tubes are horizontal (they often share a common "beam").

As the waterproof LED tubes have no rotatable ends, the tubes will light horizontally when fitted.

These bases can be fitted, so the tubes will light downwards.

They do not need a beam with choke, as A/C current goes directly into one base. They can be fitted on a piece of flat aluminium, which is then fitted into the hub.

Price per base: 48 DKR incl. VAT

They are in stock.

Same base for T5 is available, but is not in stock.

Normal base for T8:

Dk.Kr. 8,50 incl. VAT pr. piece *

dk. T8 T8 socket with fittings

Kr. 14,00 per set

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